“Life experiences have a greater impact for learning and teaching.”

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After several years of actively participating in awareness and prevention of child abuse, I've decided to retire. Retirement doesn't equate to quitting. I remain committed to the prevention of child abuse, in all its forms. I am grateful to the numerous individuals who have supported my endeavors and will continue to do book and personal presentations.

Facilitating for Stewards of Children has taught me a great deal about prevention. Despite all the media reports regarding child sexual abuse, child abductions and the child sex slave trade, this topic does not get the attention it deserves. Many remain who consider this topic, and talking about it, taboo. It is my hope that anyone reading this will resolve to support organizations, such as Darkness to Light, and personally commit to becoming educated about the prevention of child sexual abuse.

So, what will I do now? I will continue providing personal presentations. Also, several books, unrelated to abuse, have long been swirling  in my thoughts. It's time for some new adventures. Any benefactors out there?


(Prevention Education Against Child Exploitation)