Scheduling a Presentation

A presentation may be scheduled for your organization/event by contacting Kimberly Steward at:
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Because I may be traveling, please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Author Presentation (Personal Story)
The Benefits of Healing; Giving Purpose to Pain

As the author of The Doghouse Angel (Kim's personal story of healing and recovery from childhood victimization), Kimberly Steward is a strong proponent of empowering children and adults with knowledge that will enable them to feel secure in their ability to act to protect themselves against victimization.  This presentation profiles her personal journey as she struggled to reclaim her self-esteem and renew her sense of personal worth. It addresses the fear associated with disclosure and the necessity to face that fear if one is to become a survivor.

As a survivor, she believes that the emboldening of our youth is essential to their personal ability to be courageous about their right to disclose and not become victims of "the secret". Additionally, information is provided regarding the prevalence of child sexual abuse and steps that may be taken, by adult caregivers, to protect all children from becoming victims of this crime.