“What a fantastic wealth of information! The facilitator was/is exceptional...”
“The presenter (Kim Steward) was wonderful. I feel everyone needs to be aware of the information provided in this presentation.”
“Excellent and compassionate speaker. The best speak from their heart.”
“Great speaker. Shows the fact that hope/healing does occur with patience. Very moving story-not an easy issue to talk about.”
“Speaker took an emotional risk in sharing and has a strong inner being.”
“Would highly recommend this as a training. She was very good. Thoughtful, uplifting, thought provoking."
“What an encouraging and inspirational speaker. Great choice! The kids ARE listening, we just may not know it/see it.”
“Kimberly’s personal experience and first hand knowledge were of greatest value.”
“Speaker was very good at delivering a message of hope in the process of healing from abuse.”
“Life experiences have a greater impact for learning and teaching.”
“I deal a great deal with abused females. The information shows how to rise from abuse.”
“First hand experience of abuse and healing were very valuable.”
"Positive and moving.”
“An excellent message of hope.”
kim at the library